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Transform your finance career in this 2 day interactive finance business partner workshop in major cities around the World. You’ll learn how to build relationships, turn data into insights, bring numbers to life, and influence decisions.

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After the workshop you’ll:

Know how to future-proof your career and prepare for the finance revolution.

Know your personal development gaps and have a clear plan and tools to close them

Be able to turn data into genuine insight using a simple 3 step model

Be able to take any boring table of numbers and turn it into an interesting, engaging and fun dashboard in just 10 minutes

Be able to build rapport quickly with anyone, even difficult people

Feel confident presenting and communicating clear messages

Feel confident challenging elegantly & negotiating for win-win outcomes

Know how to sell your ideas and influence people

Know how to negotiate for win-win outcomes

Who’s this workshop for:

Do you work in finance today, and do you want to future proof your career? If so, this workshop is for you.

Perfect for finance business partners of all levels.

And great for leaders, looking to understand what behavioural change to lead in their teams.


Before the workshop:

Online module: The future of finance
You’ll take a 1 hour online video course exploring what finance leadership is, the future of finance, and the mindset that will future-proof your finance career.

Online capability assessment & personal development plan
You’ll take an online survey assessing your current performance against our 16 behaviours of World Class finance business partners. You’ll get a personalised report showing you where you are today and what you can do to go to the next level.

Colleague survey (optional)
You can also choose to send a quick online survey to your colleagues to find out their perspective on what you do well today and how you can be a better business partner in the future. This won’t form part of the face-to-face workshop, it’s just for you.


Day one outline

Session 1: The future of finance
You’ll explore the impact of automation & AI and what it means for the future of finance.

Session 2: What is finance leadership?
We’ll explore the Calculator to Coach business partner model and the 16 behaviours of World class finance leaders. You’ll compare yourself and identify your personal development gaps.

Session 3: FBP myth-busting
We’ll bust the most common finance business partner myths including why we don’t want to challenge, make recommendations, or be a critical friend.

Session 4: Turning data into insight
You’ll learn the difference between data, information and insight, and how to turn data into insight using a simple 3 step process. You’ll also learn about the systems ceiling that is holding your career back.

Session 5: The problem with finance reports & presentations
You’ll discover the 3 big issues with typical finance reports that are killing your gravitas and influence, and holding back your career.

Session 6: Report transform
You’ll bring one of your real finance reports or presentations to the workshop and you’ll transform it into an interesting, engaging and fun dashboard. Your reports and presentations will never be the same again

Session 7: Top 10 finance data visualisations
You’ll learn why most dashboards are no more than glorified data, and the top 10 data visualisations and when to use each one.

Session 8: Power communication & presentations
You’ll learn the secret of communication and how to create powerful presentations using the same technique used by Steve Jobs. You’ll also learn a simple technique to improve your confidence and gravitas when you present.

Day two outline

Session 1: Fast-track rapport
Finance leadership means influencing decisions. You’ll learn that influence starts with relationships, and relationships start with rapport. So you’ll learn how to build instant, deep rapport with anyone.

Session 2: Power language
You’ll learn the words that create resistance and what words/phrases to use instead.

Session 3: The alternative to challenge
You’ll learn 1 simple technique that will help you building relationships, fix broken relationships, avoid conflict, generate new thinking, and negotiate for win-win outcomes. Yes, one technique achieves all these things!

Session 4: How to sell anything to anyone
You’ll learn the universal sales technique used by all professional sales people across the World, and how to apply it to selling your ideas.

Session 5: The magic of options
You’ll learn how to overcome resistance by giving people options and choices, rather than telling them what to do.

Session 7: Influencing decisions
You’ll learn 3 simple to remember and use techniques to help you influence decisions: the

Session 8: Land your perfect job & negotiate your salary
You’ll end the day learning how to land your perfect job, plus the number 1 technique to negotiate your salary.

After the workshop:

Tasking & support
You’ll be given 3 specific tasks to practice back in the real World, with full email support from one of the team here.

Online video courses
You’ll have full access to my full online video course – that’s 6 hours of online content, covering all the topics and more from the face-to-face workshop.

Capability assessment
3 months after the workshop you’ll take the online capability assessment again, to measure your improvement and identify other areas to grow.


Andy Shambrook, Founder

I used to be a finance director, then I became a sales director and I’ll show you everything I learned in sales that I wish I’d known when I was in finance.

I founded The Finance Business Partner 5 years ago, and have travelled the World training over 5,000 finance business partners and leaders. I also speak at events and coach aspiring & existing CFOs.

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11-12 Mar 2020, 20-21 May 2020, 23-24 Sept, 9-10 Dec